Flight Information

  • Flight delay or cancellation certificates
  • Baby cradle reservation application rules

Please note:

1. Use this page to download a flight delay or cancellation certificate if your flight was delayed or cancelled.

2. Only support flights within one year after the flight departure date.

3. The function is currently in the trial operation stage. In case of any doubts, please feel free to contact Beijing Capital Airlines Customer Service Hotline at 95375 (domestic), or +86 89895375 (international)

Request for flight delay or cancellation certificates

1.Principle of booking: the first applied would be served first.

2.Sales channel: Call Center of Beijing Capital Airlines(+86 89895375)

3.Sales time limit: not less than 48 hours before departure

4.Applicable tickets: international tickets on 898 stock

5.Applicable routes: international routes of BCA on the wide-body aircrafts

6.Seats and expenses: passengers with baby will be reserved only one seat that can accommodate a baby cradle without extra charge. For the rest accompanied passengers (amount is not limited) can be arranged seats at the nearby back row without extra charge.