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Adjustment Notifications of Silver Card Members Rights of FWC
Dear Fortune Wings Club Members:
In order to promote the brand differentiation transformation of FWC member airlines and build the VIP differentiation service,starting form January 1, 2020, Fortune Wings Club(FWC) will adjust the rights of Silver Card members on using airport VIP lounge for waiting.The details are as follows.
一、Execution Time: January 1, 2020
1、Silver Card members are allowed to enter FWC VIP lounge for waiting when taking Hainan Airlines (HU) and Grand China Airlines (CN), leaving from Beijing, Haikou, Xi 'an and Tianjin with economy class tickets.
2、Silver Card members are unable to enter FWC VIP lounge for waiting when taking Tianjin Airlines (GS), Capital Airlines (JD), Lucky Airlines (8L), Fuzhou Airlines (FU), Beibu Gulf Airlines (GX), Suparna Airlines (Y8), Urumqi Airlines (UQ) and Hong Kong Airlines (HX)’economy class and no matter where it takes off.
3、Other rights remain the same.
Note: Silver Card members are still allowed to enter FWC VIP lounge when taking Hong Kong Airlines’flights with economy class tickets before July 1st 2020.
We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by the adjustment and thanks for your understanding and support.

Fortune Wings Club

September 4,2019

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