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Notice on Reporting Health Information

Dear passengers,

Chinese passengers who are going to fly from 26 countries( Italy, the United States, Spain, Germany, Iran, France, South Korea, Britain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Australia, Brazil, Turkey, Malaysia, Denmark, Canada, Israel, the Czech republic, Ireland, the Philippines and Thailand) to China are required to submit your health information prior to boarding the plane from April 8.

Passengers who already booked air tickets to China must report your personal information, health status and recent travel history on a daily basis starting from April 8 via a WeChat mini-program before boarding. Under special circumstances, the information can be submitted with the help of someone else.

Passengers who take the flights during the transition period between April 8 and April 22 should report the related information every day ahead of their flights. Passenger who plan to fly after April 22 need to report the information daily for two weeks before boarding.

People who do not fill out the information as required will not be allowed to board, and passengers who failed to report it truthfully cannot continue their trip and need to bear corresponding legal responsibilities.

Attachment: The picture of WeChat mini-program

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