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Notice on New Flight Requirements for Passengers Travelling to China from a Third Country IN TRANSIT via Lisbon

Dear Passengers,

Considering the current epidemic situation, in order to ensure international travel health and safety, Passengers who depart from a third country and take the Beijing Capital Airlines LISBON – XIAN flight (here in after referred to as "transit passengers") must add the following requirements before taking the flight. The specific requirements are as follow:
1. Transit passengers in the country of origin shall undergo various tests in accordance with the requirements of the Chinese embassy in the country of origin, and obtain the green health code issued by the embassy in the country of origin. Then, they need to contact Beijing Capital Airlines Lisbon office or Beijing Capital Airlines Call Center to inform itinerary information: passenger's name, contact information, city of origin, departure date of origin, flight number of the origin, departure date of Lisbon, Lisbon - Xi'an ticket number, and send the above information to the Lisbon office to bcalisbon@hnair.com , or call Call Center phone number 0086 1095375.
2. After arriving in Lisbon, transit passengers need to select two different testing institutions from the list of testing institutions specified by the Chinese Embassy in Portugal to perform PCR nucleic acid testing, IgM testing, and IgG testing, that is, the three tests will be performed twice. If the IgG test is positive, a vaccination certificate can be provided to the embassy to facilitate the embassy’s judgment. Transit passengers can only board the flight after obtaining the green health code issued by the Chinese Embassy in Portugal. The sampling time for the above tests must be within 48 hours before the departure of the Lisbon-Xi’an flight. For the list of testing agencies specified by the Chinese Embassy in Portugal, please refer to the notice on the official website of the Chinese Embassy in Portugal http://pt.chineseembassy.org/chn.In order to reduce the risk of spreading of the epidemic, passengers are requested to avoid public transportation as much as possible, and only take secure methods of transportation, if absolutely necessary.
3. Transit passengers need to fill in the "Transit Passenger Declaration" (please see the attached document) truthfully complete all the information requested, strictly implement various epidemic prevention, control policies and measures, and sign the statement. The "Transit Passenger Declaration" is used as one of the application materials and uploaded when applying for the green health code to the Chinese Embassy in Portugal for verification by the embassy. See the attachment for the "Transit Passenger Declaration" form.
4. According to the contact information provided by the passengers, Beijing Capital Airlines Lisbon Office will send the passengers a guideline on epidemic prevention advice for transit passengers during their stay in Portugal. Passengers shall implement relevant epidemic prevention measures in accordance with the specific suggestions in the guideline. Transit passengers are requested to pay attention to the above requirements. In case of incomplete testing items, failure to upload the Transit Passenger Declaration, and failure to follow the epidemic prevention recommendations, the Chinese Embassy will not provide the green health code and the passenger cannot board aboard of the flight from Lisbon to Xi’an.

This policy takes effect from May 25, 2021.

Thanks for your support and understanding.

Beijing Capital Airlines

May 25,2021

Transit Passenger Declaration

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