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Reminder for passengers taking Capital Airlines Lisbon-Xi'an flightLatest update on epidemic prevention requirements
According to the "Notice on the Application of Health Codes for People Travelling to China" (Updated on 18/05/2022) issued by the Chinese Embassy in Portugal, passengers who take Capital Airlines flights from Lisbon to China must meet the following requirements:
1. Priority will be given to local passengers. Only passengers with Portuguese passport, Portuguese residence permit or Portuguese visa are accepted for now.
2. For transit passengers, we will later issue a notification with the specific date when passengers can be accepted, according to the flight operation.
3. According to the "Notice on the Application of Health Codes for People Travelling to China (18/05/2022)" issued by the Chinese Embassy in Portugal, travelers to China need to complete the coronavirus test and apply for a green code before the flight takes off. For specific requirements, please refer to the official announcement link (Portuguese) http://pt.china-embassy.gov.cn/pot/sgdt/202205/t20220519_10688745.htm
4. Combining with the requirements of the "Notice on Reminding People Going to China to Strictly Implement Pre-departure Self-Isolation" issued by the embassy, passengers travelling from Lisbon to China on Capital Airlines flights should start self-isolation 7 days before departure. 5 days before flight departure (Monday before the flight), passengers must carry out a nucleic acid test (at a laboratory approved by the Portuguese Health Bureau). If the test is negative, passengers must continue to isolate. The passengers shall bring the nucleic acid test performed 5 days before, as it will be verified at the check-in counter on the day of flight. During the 7 days isolation period, except for performing the relevant covid tests, passengers shall always stay in isolation. Individuals should be isolated in a single room, fill in the "Pre-departure Self-Isolation Certificate" and submit it when applying for the health code. If the passenger feels unwell or has a close contact, they shall take the initiative to contact the embassy. When going out for testing, the passengers must wear N95 masks, choose safe transportation methods such as self-driving, keep a safe distance from other testing personnel, and not do things unrelated to testing when going out, especially not eating out, shopping, etc.
5. Protective measures should be taken on the way to China, N95 masks should be worn throughout the journey. If conditions permit, protective gloves and/or protective clothing should be worn. Food and beverages on the flight should be avoided as much as possible, and masks should not be removed when using the bathroom. Passengers shall move as little as possible in the cabin to avoid cross infection.
6. In order to provide better travel services for passengers, Capital Airlines Lisbon Station has specially opened a WeChat account: BCALISBON. All passengers must add the Lisbon Station WeChat 5 days before the flight departure, in order to keep updated with the flight news and ensure and smooth travel.
From the date of issuance of this policy, the previous "Reminder for passengers taking Beijing Capital Airlines Lisbon-Xi'an flight - Latest update on epidemic prevention requirements" issued on 02/06/2022 will be invalidated.

Beijing Capital Airlines Co., Ltd.

June 20, 2022

Attachment 1. Pre-departure Self-Isolation Certificate

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