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Reminder for passengers taking Capital Airlines Lisbon-Hangzhou flight Latest update on epidemic prevention requirements

According to the "Notice on the Application of Health Codes for People Travelling to China" (Updated on 30/06/2022) issued by the Chinese Embassy in Portugal, passengers who take Capital Airlines flights from Lisbon to China must meet the following requirements:

1. The Lisbon flight is open to all transit passengers. Since the international transit area of Lisbon Airport does not have the "dual nucleic acid" test conditions, we kindly remind the transit passengers from non-Schengen countries to apply for the Portugal entry visa in advance.

2. Transit passengers need to have the green code both from the originating country and from the Chinese Embassy in Portugal to do the check-in.

3. According to the "Notice on the Application of Health Codes for People Travelling to China (30/06/2022)" issued by the Chinese Embassy in Portugal, travelers to China need to complete the coronavirus test and apply for a green code before the flight takes off. For specific requirements, please refer to the official announcement link (Portuguese) http://pt.china-embassy.gov.cn/pot/sgdt/202207/t20220701_10713326.htm

4. According to the latest epidemic situation in Portugal, as well as the guarantee capabilities and detection accuracy of various testing institutions in the region, in order to cooperate with the domestic epidemic control and do a good job in preventing overseas remote importation, Capital Airlines has issued a comprehensive report on the application of health codes for passengers going to China. It is stipulated that passengers planning to take the Lisbon-Hangzhou route to China must go to the airline designated testing agencies for cross-check testing within 48 hours and within 24 hours. The applicable testing agencies are the following 6: Joaquim Chaves, Labocentro, Cintramedica, Avelab, Unilabs and Aqualab. Passengers going to China should choose two of the above 6 testing institutions for nucleic acid testing. Please note that Joaquim Chaves and Labocentro use the same reagents, please avoid choosing them at the same time, and Cintramedica and Avelab use the same reagents, please avoid choosing them at the same time.

In order to do a better job in epidemic prevention, when you choose a testing institution, at least one of the test shall be performed at one of the following laboratories: Unilab Campo Grande, JCS Tomás Ribeiro, Labocentro Pinhal Novo, Cintramedica Laranjeiras, JCS Cascais Shopping. Beijing Capital Airlines’ staff will be at the laboratories to check the relevant information.

5. Beijing Capital Airlines kindly reminds passengers who need to return to China to protect themselves. If the passenger feels unwell or has a close COVID contact, they shall take the initiative to contact the embassy. Avoid going out as much as possible unless it is necessary, while going out, we recommend passengers to wear the N95 masks, choose safe transportation methods such as self-driving, keep a safe distance from other personnel Protective measures should be taken on the way to China, N95 masks should be worn throughout the journey. If conditions permit, protective gloves and/or protective clothing should be worn. Food and beverages on the flight should be avoided as much as possible, and masks should not be removed when using the bathroom. Passengers shall move as little as possible in the cabin to avoid cross infection.

Beijing Capital Airlines

September 15, 2022

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