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Notice on Conducting Powder Substance Security check for U.S.-bound Passenger

Notify U.S-bound passengers that 12oz(350ml)or larger are prohibited in the cabin of the aircraft except for the powders listed as below; Of any quantity may be placed in checked baggage and transported in the baggage hold area of the aircraft.

Powders are described as fine dry particles produced by the grinding, crushing, or disintegration of a solid substance(for example, flour, sugar, ground coffee, spices, powdered milk(such as, baby formula)and cosmetics). Powders may also be presented in clumpy, grainy, or compressed material forms. Except as noted below, powder-like substances, as described above must not be transported in the cabin of the aircraft.

1. Medically prescribed powder-like substances, baby formula, and human remains 12oz(350ml)or larger may be transported in the cabin of the aircraft provided that any sealed containers are inspected for signs of alteration or tampering to the packaging (for example, breaks, cracks, or holes in the wrapping, protective cover, or seal) and containers that are unsealed or have signs of alteration of tampering are inspected to ensure that the contents are consistent with the container/packaging.

2. Duty-free powder containers inside of a properly sealed Secure Tamper Evident Bag(STEB) may be allowed through the checkpoint and transported in the cabin of an aircraft.

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