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Beijing Capital Airlines Domestic Flights Economy Class Branded Fares Launch Notice

Dear Passengers,

Based on current market demand, Beijing Capital Airlines has designed a Branded Fares model specific to China domestic flights. Branded Fares will contain 4 types of economy class fares, different fare products will include different meal, baggage and other services rights. The Branded Fares Products will be implemented from 8th March 2019 (sales period); 31st March,2019 (Flight Departure Time). Hence, Beijing Capital Airlines will stop serving free inflight meal for most branded fare product in economy class(except latitude class) on domestic flights in China starting from March 31th ,2019. And Beijing Capital Airlines only sell Y cabin class ticket on domestic flights in China of this website.

Beijing Capital Airlines tips all passengers read the terms of service carefully when book tickets. If you have booked the economy class ticket on domestic flights and want to order inflight meal, please call +861095375. Please note that the standard of business class service remains unchanged.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation, and wish you a pleasant journey!

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